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About Us

ELSO ELSO MÜHENDİSLİK SOĞUTMA VE TASARIM A.Ş. helps its clients to make the right investment by consulting from the project stage to the turnkey delivery.

ELSO MACHINE, which started its commercial life in the field of industrial refrigeration in 1986, starts to serve in the area of Refrigeration and Design by investing in machinery and equipment.

ELSO is a company that specializes in cold air storage sales, project planning, installation, post-installation technical service and supermarket cooling applications. In order for the cooling system to operate smoothly, it must be designed correctly and equipment must be selected. In order to ensure proper operation of ELSO refrigerators, it provides engineering information to its customers during the installation phase and aims to establish a system that will run smoothly for many years.

We have successfully installed more than 5,000 cold stores and more than 2000 stores, butchers and delicatessen cooling systems and provide technical support.

ELSO Machinery has also shaped the designs of the stores where the cooling system has been built since the day it was founded. With the investments made in wood, construction and architectural design in 2014, it has gained the ability to make turnkey projects such as market, butcher deli, patisserie, cafe, restaurant and store.

Nowadays, ELSO offers, all of its fixtures investments from floor tiles to suspended ceilings, from grocery stores to bakery products, to its customers in a quality and economical way.

Elso, with its expert architects and designers on Cooling and Design field, by 3D modeling the project shows you the finished state of the project. At the end of the project you will know what kind of job you will receive and you will be able to deliver the job to the ELSO team with peace of mind.

As ELSO team, we aim to reach the high sales power of your business by bringing the product that is sold to the forefront. We are making the design so that it will bring your product to the forefront.

“We are proud of serving our customers for years with our experienced staff and quality service understanding. We continue to work with an endless determination to always offer our customers the right solution.