Cold Storage Rooms

Soğuk Hava Depoları

ELSO COOLING & DESIGN, which specializes in the preservation of perishable foods, conveys all its knowledge and experience to customers in terms of which products will be kept on which conditions. It supports the selection of the most suitable cold storage for the needs of the customers. ELSO has established more than 5,000 cold storage facilities, ranging in size from 3 m² to 4000 m².

Our experienced project team reports on the issues such as cooling engineering calculations, 2 and 3 dimensional drawings of the product to be stored, the physical suitability of the area to be built, feasibility and operating cost to the customers and provides the most accurate project.

ELSO, undertaking the domestic and international cold storage warehouses, guarantees maximum energy saving and minimum energy cost with its remote monitoring system at any time.

Cold Storage Room Types

 Meat and Chicken Rooms

 Vegetable Rooms


 Meat Processing Facilities

 Pastry Rooms

 Fast Freezing -40 C Rooms

 Frozen Storage Rooms -18 C

 Banana Yellowing Rooms

 Ultra Fast Cooling Rooms

 Ice-Cream Storage Rooms

 Apple Warehouses

 Cold Storage Rooms for Mushrooms

 Cold Storage Rooms for Apple

 Cold Storage Rooms for Chemical Products

 Cold Storage Rooms for Bakery Products

 Cold Storage Rooms for Citrus Fruits

 Cold Storage Rooms for Dried Nuts and Fruits

 Atmosphere Controlled Cold Rooms

 Cold Storage Rooms for Dates

 Cold Storage Rooms for Chestnuts