Split Cooling Systems

Split Soğutma Sistemleri

Our split cooling systems have a rich range of appeal from the smallest cooling application to an industrial cooling application. It is categorized as a hermetic split unit, a semi-hermetic split unit, an inverter split unit, a shock split unit, a scroll split unit and a water condensation system split unit, according to the suitability of the use. The common feature of all split units is that they are compact, they have maximum energy savings, and they designed with quality equipment.


Maximum Silence

Extra Large Condenser Providing Energy Savings

Easy Periodical Maintenance

First Class Quality Equipment

Operation Without Vibration

Maximum Protected Electrical Panel

Ease of Installation

Technical Specifications

Electrostatic Painted Galvanized Cabin

 Oil Seperator

Low/High Pressure Processor

 Axial Fan (European)

Acoustic Insulation, Silent Operation 

 Solenoid Valve

Maximum Protected Electrical Panel

 Fan Speed Control

Condenser Resistant to High Temperatures

 Sight Glass

 High/Low Pressure Manometer

Liquid Storage



Hermetic Split Devices

Hermetic type split units are a suitable solution for low cooling capacities. Its compact construction makes it easy to install and maintain. Sound level is at minimum.

Semi Hermetic Split Devices

Semi-hermetic split units are suitable for medium and large scale cooling systems. It is designed for long years of trouble-free operation thanks to the high quality compressors and equipment used.

Scroll Split Devices

Scroll split devices with invertors are designed to provide a high level of energy savings. Semi-hermetic split devices have been designed with an invertor so that optimum cooling power can be solved with the lowest energy costs.

Industrial Split Devices

Industrial split units are specially manufactured devices for -40 C shock chambers. It is designed with two-stage compressor or screw compressor. It provides high cooling performance and brings products to desired level quickly.